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You are a 25-year-old male who longs for something more in his life. Your everyday life is boring and mostly consists of eating, exercising, working at the local fast food restaurant Gabriel's Chicken Shack. You've had a few girlfriends in the past, but none of them worked out. You've got friends and life still has its good moments, but overall it's just kind of lame. Every night, you are eager to get to sleep and experience a new dream. In dreams, you have more fun than you would ever have in reality. Sure, there's the occasional nightmare, but you relish in the experience of the dream, be it good or bad.

Lately you've been getting back into lucid dreaming (that is, being conscious in your dreams). You did this some when you were younger, but you are better at it now. Lucid dreams happen more often and you are better at remembering them, thanks to the dream journal you keep on the desk by your bed. You have trained yourself to consider if you are dreaming at least once every 15 minutes in your waking life, thus allowing you to continue the behavior in your dreams. As an extra precaution, you have recently trained yourself to occasionally and subconsciously place a blue-and-black cat with a checkerboard pattern in your dream to prevent you from being fooled by false awakenings (which are the times when you appear to wake up but are really still dreaming).

You come home late from work and are quite ready to go to sleep.

Do you:

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