This Is You(Gay)

From Create Your Own Story

James Stark - James is 17 and stands at 5’11”. He is slim and has lean muscles from playing volleyball and soccer. He has dark brown hair that reaches down to his earlobes and hazel eyes. James is an outgoing person who always looks out for his best friend, Jeremy.

Jeremy Lewis – Jeremy is 16 and stands at 5’9”. He is skinny with almost girly hips and a bubble butt. He is nerdycute and wears his glasses almost constantly, only taking them off to chew the arm while he works out a problem on his omnipresent laptop. He has black hair that reaches between his shoulder blades, with long bangs that always fall into his eyes. He secretly has a crush on his best and only friend, James.

Edward Wilson – Edward is 21 and stands at 6' even. He is a muscular jock who's been wrestling since his sophomore year in high school. Edward has short black hair and dark brown eyes. He is openly gay, is extremely well-hung, and prides himself on being the ultimate top. Edward loves to humiliate and fuck older guys, although he has a thing for younger, little-brother types -- especially taking their virginity!

Scott Taylor – Scott is 25 and stands at 6'1. He has an average build, but would like to get into better shape. Scott is a closeted businessman who works at a huge law firm. He is boy-next-door handsome, has short, light brown hair and blue eyes that seem to sparkle (on the rare occasions that he smiles).

You will take on the persona of one of these young men and guide them through their lives. Your choices will have an impact on their lives. Maybe not an immediate effect, but it will make itself known sooner or later. Make the right choices and your characters will do fine, make the wrong ones and your character might end up in big trouble.

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