Dungeon: Assault

From Create Your Own Story

Taking place over a month from Dungeon, three travelers quickly descended into the Vialtan Dungeon.

Now, who were you again?

Rina is quiet and intelligent. She can summon the power of the Arcane to fire magical, explosive bolts into the body of your opponent.

Positive Skills: Intelligent, Group Backbone Negative Skills: Weak, Low health

Gandhi has a loud mouth but he's extremely strong. He has been physically trained and can withstand a hard blow.

Positive Skills: Strong, Withstands Damage Negative Skills: Little agility, overly-aggressive.

He is greedy however knows the arts of stealth. He's been trained in agility skills and knows how to decapitate an enemy in one blow.

Positive Skills: Stealthy, Damage Dealer Negative Skills: Low health, must balance damage.

Remember, each class has its own ups and downs. But remember also, you're a team!

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