Meet the Kirks

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In an ordinary house in an unremarkable town lived a rather remarkable family: the Kirks. Jacob, the father, is a forty-two year old child. He loves stupid “dad jokes” and laughs at the most childish things. He is also a daredevil who can’t get enough adrenaline in his system, which is why he became a firefighter. His childish personality is hidden behind his suave demeanor; he’s a real charmer. He keeps his body in shape and is oftentimes mistaken for a man in his early thirties, thanks in part to his bright red, wavy, shoulder-length hair and his round buttocks. He stands at five feet eleven inches, just on the cusp of six feet, has sky blue eyes and a lean, muscular frame.

Erin is the mother of the family who fell in love with Jacob when they met in college. She’s a strong-willed woman that didn’t fall for Jacob because of his charms but his kiddish behavior; she loves kids. She is quite happy in life just to have her little perfect family and wants nothing more than her children to succeed. Erin is a forty year old woman with an ever-young body; her supple C cup breasts rest above her thin waist that give way to curvy hips. She stands at five feet five inches and has moderately long, black hair that she wears down and beautiful green eyes.

Together the happy couple has three children: Jerry, Rory, and Jack. Though Jerry is the fraternal twin of his sister Rory, the two still bear a striking resemblance. They both feature their father’s wavy, red hair and big, blue eyes. Appearances are not where the similarities between Jerry and his father end, though. Just like dad, Jerry is a childish daredevil and quite a loudmouth, too. He is lacking the charm department, however. At nineteen, Jerry is (barely) a high school graduate that is taking a break from school to ponder if he even wants to go to college. He spends most of his time lazing about playing video games like a typical boy his age. Jerry has a tall, thin body, towering over his family at six feet and one inch, and wears his shoulder-length hair parted in the middle, out of his face.

His twin sister, Rory, is not quite as reckless or loud, but has learned to be rough from growing up with two loud brothers. She does not skimp on the charm that Jerry lacks, with boys gawking at the sight of her wherever she goes. When she can find some time to be alone, Rory likes to paint and read fiction; she is currently pursuing a fine arts degree. She also has a knack for cooking that she withholds from her brothers when they’re being particularly frustrating. Rory has a very tantalizing body with an hourglass shape, B cup breasts just a bit smaller than her mother’s, and a butt that just asks to be squeezed.

Finally, Jack is the youngest brother at seventeen. In contrast to his siblings, he shows off his mother’s black hair kept cut short with just a few bangs that reach down to his right eye and her deep green eyes. He is quite like brother, but a bit less idiotic and more hotheaded. He is a high school senior who has no idea what he’s going to do with his life; he wishes he could just procrastinate on graduating. Jack plays video games with his brother often but also spends a lot of time exercising. As a result, he has a muscular, but still lean and slim, figure on his five foot ten inch body, strong arms, and a firm butt.

Whose story will you follow?

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