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Your name is Asa. You're gay. You're 13 years old. And you're the kinkiest boy you know. You can't stop thinking about what it would be like to expose yourself in public or get taken advantage of by older boys or seduce someone you're not supposed to.

Today is the day you finally act on your kinks.

Here are the character profiles. Do not edit them. Please review them before any edits and ensure everything you've written is in line with what's written here. Feel free to make stuff up so long as it doesn't contradict with anything here, but try to keep everything cohesive and realistic.

Here are the rules for editing.

  • No low effort submissions with poor grammar or spelling.
  • Nothing that contradicts the lore and character profiles I've laid out above.
  • Nothing supernatural. Sorry. No anthropomorphic furries, interdimensional tentacles, etc. Realism only. I'd also like to discourage possible but really unbelievable stuff like 13 inch dicks.
  • In case the fact that this story is about the sex life of a 13 year old boy hasn't clued you in, I'm not really big on age restrictions or common decency, but I do have limits. No characters under 10, and no extreme violence(I'll allow non-con, no killing or mutilation though). Bestiality is allowed, because why not. That's really about it.
  • No rewriting pages. You can add to pages or edit what someone has written slightly to incorporate more options and paths, but you can't just delete what someone has else has written entirely. If something is in violation of the rules I can handle it.
  • More of a general guideline, but this story is about the sex life of a voyeuristic 13 year old boy. If you do not want to write about the sex life of a voyeuristic 13 year old boy, you should probably find some other story to edit, or make your own.
  • If you're just here to write straight up smut and don't care for plot, that's fine, but put your sex scenes somewhere they belong and flow naturally. If you want to add a new character or come up with a new situation, you should probably have at least 2 or 3 pages leading up to the sex act to set things up. Not a hard rule, just a suggestion.
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