From Create Your Own Story

Your alarm goes off with a loud buzz and you wake up. You get out of your king sized bed and step into the bathroom adjoined to your room lazily. Mornings were never your thing. You admire your naked body and 4 inch hard-on in the mirror. No need to take off your clothes, you always sleep naked. You sort of hope someday a servant will walk in to your room while you're sleeping and see your naked body, but they know to give you privacy so you doubt that'll happen. You've woken up with morning wood every day for the past few months. Puberty has been a bit weird because while your sex drive is through the roof, your body is still skinny and hairless. At least your dick has gotten a little bigger though.

As you walk into your shower and let the water wash over you, you remember the goal you've set for yourself today. You're going to act on one of your fantasies. Today's a Saturday and mom and dad are off on one of their business trips, so it's a perfect opportunity. A grin comes onto your face as you look forward to your first sexual encounter.

So, what'll it be?

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