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You grin excitedly as your mind settles on flashing.

After you exit the shower and dry off you step in to your walk-in closet to choose your outfit for the day. Your eyes settle on a pair of black polyester soccer shorts. You'll be able to slip them off very easily. You grab a red tanktop and some running sneakers and socks to go with them. No need for underwear, it'd just get in the way. If you end up getting a boner(which is pretty likely considering your kink for flashing) these shorts aren't gonna do anything to hide it. But the idea of everyone seeing how horny you are just turns you on more. You take a moment to calm down so your staff don't spot you walking around pitching a tent. You get dressed quickly, grab your phone, and head out the door. You can still barely contain your giddiness. No chickening out, today's the day you finally do something exciting. You pass the head of staff on your way out and he nods his head. Neither of you particularly like the other, and he gets paid the same amount every week regardless of what happens with you, so he doesn't take much of an interest in your affairs. You both like it that way. You get to do whatever you want and he has one less thing to worry about on the job.

You grab your bike and and exit the premises. The security guard at the front sees you coming and opens the gate for you.

Your mind wonders while you cycle down the sidewalk. You're going to expose yourself in public, but to who? And where? You don't want anyone you know to see you, so you'll avoid all of the popular hangouts for schoolkids and anywhere friends of your parents could be. That rules out most of the uppity parts of town to the west and north, so you decide it'll have to be somewhere southeast. But Wyatt's middle class neighborhood is right to the east of yours and you don't want to chance him or his parents seeing you.

So that leaves the south, the way you're already heading. You comb your memory trying to think of suitable places to expose yourself.

There's the local mall which is always full on Saturdays and light on security. You're sure you can outrun the fat old guards, and the cameras aren't gonna be clear enough to make out your face. But it's still pretty high risk, lots of people there to see you. Maybe too many people. Might wanna start with something less intimidating. You'll keep this one in mind for later though.

You come up with an idea. There's a footbridge that goes over a highway near here. It doesn't get much foot traffic, but there are a ton of cars going under it. Plenty of people will see you, but there's not much risk of getting caught since they'll all be driving in their cars underneath you.

That's it. The perfect spot. Your boner comes back while you bike there, but it's hidden okay while you're sitting on your bike. You arrive at the base and it's all clear, not a person in sight, just tons of cars.

You're nervous and shaking with excitement, but extremely turned on and ready to do this.

You get off your bike and walk up to he middle of the bridge. The outline of the erection in your shorts would be clearly visible to anyone at eye level but isn't clear to the people driving underneath. You take a look out at the cars. You can see the people inside clearly as they go by, and they can see you. A couple of them give you some glances but most don't pay any attention yet. There are lots of families, single men and women driving to work, and even a cop car. The cop sends a shiver down your spine.

You take a deep breath as you prepare to do it.

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