From Create Your Own Story

You step out of the shower and go over the list of possible candidates in your head.

There's Matthew, your assistant archery coach at school. He's 16 years old and well built at 6'0", with neat, short brown hair. You've seen him staring at other boy's asses when he thinks nobody is watching, and suspect he's stared at yours too. He has a girlfriend, but that's probably just for show, he's too popular not to have one. He'd be easy to seduce, and you could probably take the lead and tell him what to do.

Then there's Kai. Kai is slightly shorter at 5'10", with brightly colored dyed hair. He's also 16. He's openly gay, and known for being somewhat promiscuous. He's been very friendly to you when you've talked and you know he would jump at the opportunity to get into your pants. Kai would be more experienced and domineering than Matthew and while Matthew would probably just go with whatever you initiate, Kai would probably take charge.

Both sound interesting. Seducing a flustered, closeted jock and getting taken advantage of by an experienced, horny teen are each appealing in their own ways.

So which will it be?

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