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Name: Asa Smith

Appearance and body: Longish, messy blonde hair. Green eyes. 5'2". 4 inch dick. Just beginning puberty and has no body hair or pubes yet, but is capable of producing a small amount of cum. Slightly skinnier than average but strong and active, with a smooth, taut body.

Sexuality and kinks: Gay, and primarily attracted to 10 to 20 year olds. Mainly wants to be dominated, but wouldn't pass up the opportunity to top a cute boy around his age or younger. Asa is mischievous and has a voyeur kink, as well a desire to seduce and expose himself to other boys and the general public. Asa is a virgin at the start of the story, but up for anything and getting more restless every day.

Background: His parents are very wealthy, and gone most of the time. He lives in a residence with its own private staff in charge of cooking and cleaning for Asa while his parents are gone on business. Asa doesn't like them very much and prefers to spend time with his best friend, Wyatt.

Skills: Asa is a well rounded kid, both due to his parents hiring expensive tutors for him and his own natural intelligence. He's in advanced classes at a private school which serves grades 5 through 12 and enjoys archery, camping, and computers. Although his parents disapprove of him spending so much time on his pc(it's practically all he does in his free time at home when he's not with Wyatt), he assures them he's spending his time productively and learning to code. This is true, but he spends far more time playing games and browsing porn than he does learning C+. Asa masturbates a lot.

Personality: Asa's teachers always love to mention how bright and charming he is. He's smart enough to do well in school and has enough social skills to be relatively popular, although he's rarely the center of attention and has only one really good friend. His mischievousness has gotten him in trouble in the past but the school faculty usually forgives him. He's gotten bored of his routine life in the past few months. Asa has a dirty mind and doesn't want to keep his feelings all bottled up any longer. He wants some excitement in his life.

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