The Pit of Abandoned Stories

From Create Your Own Story

Falling, falling, falling. Always falling.

Two kinds of stories live in the pit. The desperate abandoned, and the forced abandoned. Neither like it after a while. When authors lose interest, or maybe forget, the stories either become view-hounds or despairing. There simply aren't enough caring souls to go around. As places go, The Pit is nice to visit, but horrible to live in.

The desperate find their new location is more often browsed, and with fewer other stories to draw attention away, they stand a chance at getting back up on their feet. Kind souls dont always know where to look, so those who have been struck by tragedy have to look for them. The Pit is the best place.

But they fall. Everyone falls. Be it a coffin into a grave or stepping into a pit or merely the corners of the lips, they all fall. The desperate find that people only see them once. Then the door falls back on them, and they don't see the light anymore. Some think this is enough torture when they hear about it. Nothing is kind that way. They fall, and the light gets smaller and smaller as they fall ever deeper, until it is a point, a dot of white. Then, nothing. It was their choice. But hindsight is always 20/20.

The forced are pushed by law. Stories of less than ten pages that haven't been worked on by anyone in some time will be dropped into the Pit. Hiding behind the guise of civility, it forces the forced, and commands others to do its bidding. A magic spell makes it work. It might stay, it might not. I am a tourist. with my own handheld transportation machine, I view them all. From large-scale to unstarted, the pit rules them all.

For the pit is despair.

I have but one question.

Which one are you?

I was forced here!

I moved here on my own

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