White Nights

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Author Note

This CYOA contains a ridiculous sized dick and an even more ridiculous load, if you prefer more realistic story's this may not be your cup of tea.


I groaned as I woke up, my towering morning wood swaying.

It was 6:57 AM, an hour before I usually woke up.

Preparing to get out of bed I look up, A large meat rod about the size of one of my legs with a XXXL Condom lazily put on to the top to stop the inevitable nocturnal emission.

The condom was ready to burst so I quickly grabbed it and tied it, putting in into a large bin I used as my cum bucket

Before I did anything at all I hopped into the shower and let loose, one of the only places I can.

an hour later my cock was down enough to keep it hidden in my pants, even then the cock reached to my knees

as the clock struck 8:00 AM alarms around the house started buzzing.

I was the only male in the family, My dad died when I was 2 years old... My twin sisters pretty much run the family in his place... My mom is a police officer, because of their jobs in the house they usually wake up before everyone else.

As the buzzing stop footsteps came towards my door.

"Time to wake up Bro!" They said in unison at my locked door

The door was locked at all times with me holding the only key, I couldn't handle the embarrassment if my mom or sisters saw the contents of my cum bucket.

I soon made my way to school

As lunch came around I saw a girl bending over into her locker, She wasn't wearing any panties!

I was the only one in the hallway, I stood staring for a good 20 seconds.

my boner pressed hard against the fabric of my pants.

Right now I have 2 Choices

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