The Mysterious Jungle

From Create Your Own Story

Welcome to the Jungle (we've got fun and games). Follow the road carefully and don't stray too far off the track for there are many strange creatures and beasts that live in the Jungle, like the Coocaloo Bird and the Zippycat. Beware of these animals:

Coocaloo Bird

Description: Strange feathered animal with a beak, two legs, and a furry tail.

Means of Escape: If a Coocaloo Bird attacks, immediately throw a rock in its direction to distract it, since they are easily distracted. Run and leave no markings behind. Never attack a Coocaloo Bird.

Characteristics: The Coocaloo Bird makes a strange Cooc alooooo alooooo sound. No-one knows why, but many believe that this is a sign that the Coocaloo bird is about to attack.


Description: A small fuzzy creature with an appetite for destruction (get the reference?). This animal may look innocent but is in fact very deadly.

Means of Escape: There is no way to escape the attack of a Zippycat. To prevent an attack, wear a cheese scent and if you see one, do not taunt it. It will not attack unless hungry or angry.

Characteristics: The Zippycat will perch in trees and watch for moving things below. The cat is silent and prefers to terrorize its prey in a game of cat and mouse.

Now that you're prepared, why not...

Enter the Jungle

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