Rise Up

From Create Your Own Story

The scorching sun beats down upon you, your sweat has already stuck your plain linen rags to your skin. The day has just begun but you are already exhausted, briefly pausing from your work to take a long drink from a leather skin tied around your neck by a thin strand of string.

You are a peasant, working on the dry, infertile lands of Asaphor, a small port town in the country Gezel, a moderately poor nation almost completely covered in sand, with only small pockets of farmable land, such as this one, to be found. The country is divided into different regions, all lead by a single lord. The lord of Asaphor is Lord Lustius, who lives in a large castle looking down on the town, from its seat high in the nearby mountains.

For several hours you till the land, as the sun slowly descends to be partly hidden by mountains, until a bell sounds from the town, resonating for several miles in all directions. The bells clang together seven times, indicating that work is done for the day, to be resumed in the morning. Many of the workers have already began to leave, heading towards the town, dragging their tools behind them.

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