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Darkness consumes you. You find yourself in an empty void, drifting through this hollow space. Where you are heading, you don't know, for it's hard to think when your brain feels like mush. But you don't really feel like thinking right now, merely relenting yourself to this tranquil state of consciousness, eternally floating across the emptiness. Surely things will work out on their own by themselves. Surely...

A light. But in this wide vacuum of nothingness, that tiny dot of white is but an insignificant distraction. However, it gradually grows in size and intensity. Slowly, the enlarging dot becomes an orb, piquing your curiosity, then capturing your full attention as it stings your eyes with its sun-blaze brightness. You shield yourself with your palm as the illumination blankets you like a caressing mother, but a warmth begins to settle in your heart, and you find yourself no longer afraid of this new element. You are even attracted to it.

Thus, you reach for the light, stretching forth your arm in faith like the biblical figures of old. You want the light. You seek salvation from this emptiness. "Please, save me..." you beg.

But an ominous ringing in your ear threatens to deprive you of that sense of security. The noise turns into static, then a whisper.

"Only you could save yourself."

You sit up intensely like a rising cadaver lusting for life. Morning. The sun peeks through the curtains and shines itself annoyingly on your eyes, checking on this frightened kid in cold sweat as a mother would. A stench assaults your nose as you realized your perspiration has stunk up your bed in this summer heat. You'll have to change your bedsheets later after school. What a pain it will be, you thought. You reminisce of the times when your parents used to do everything for you. You wish you were a child again.

That's when another ominous element hits you. You spin towards your clock. You are late for school.

The road to school remains as mundane as ever. Streets filled with empty people rushing off to their daily grind, partaking in some everyday routine to pursue... something. The meaninglessness of such an absurd practice dulls you, and you lack the spirit and motivation to hurry yourself. Why bother, you thought. All you are going to do is absorb some useless information that would get you a piece of paper that qualifies you for such daily grind when you enter the workforce as one of the many white-collared slaves. You drag your feet as you gaze left and right, upon the people that passes you, hoping to see something, anything meaningful in their meandering movement. Even as your heart is dying right now, you still carry that last trace of hope, wishing that something would change in your perspective of life. Soon, that light will die as well.

School. Your arrival is a lonely one, the corridors and hallways as devoid of life as that vacuum in your dream. You could barely remember your dream, but that sense of solitude remains distinct in your mind, especially now as you tread alone.

It's too quiet. You raise your ear to pick up any remote noise at all; chalk scratching the board, nonsensical chattering between classmates, something. You tell yourself that perhaps the classes are just deep in concentration. The mid-terms are coming, after all. Not that you could give a damn.

Finally, your classroom stands before you. This isn't the first time you are late, so you know stepping through this door will be a pain. You will be given another bothersome lecture on your "attitude problem" before being sent to detention. Your classmates will laugh at you, the joke of a student that you are, even though they are probably just as flawed as you are, if not more so. You will spend another day going through the motion of being berated by adults sprouting pointless words that don't really mean anything other than for the mere sake of lecturing a problem student.

You are tired. You wish to run away from it all.

What shall you do?

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