Adventure RPG 1

From Create Your Own Story

Chapter One

"Do not move," A voice yelled behind me as a silver longsword whipped around my throat. "I am Sir Dridian, Head Knight of the Kindgom of Asgarnia, what is your name and who do you pledge?" The knight asked, edging the sword closer to my neck. "I am Michael, adventurer from the small town of Yapshire, from the Kingdom of Misthallen," I said, praying. "Hail Michael from Yapshire, Asgarnia welcomes you from the far lands of Misthallen," Sir Dridian said. "Praises, Sir Dridian, Head Knight of Asgarnia, I on a quest to find the Great Silverlight, sword of the Kings," I said. "The very Legendary Silverlight, sword of the Kings, the same as legends says was crafted by the Angel Ithuriel and used by the Great Silver Knight?" Sir Dridian asked. "The very same, but first I must find my companion, Samantha of Archenland," I explained. "I wish you great luck on your quest, Michael of Yapshire, I have seen this Samantha of Archenland, for she is staying at my camp, heading South to Asgarnia," Sir Dridian said. I nodded and gave thanks. "SIR DRIDIAN!" Someone yelled. We turned to look south to see a knight riding horseback toward them. "Sir Mant, hail, what news do you bring?" Sir Dridian asked as the knight approached. "The camp- we have been ambushed from the east by the Turks!" Sir Mant answered. "Michael of Yapshire, I give you two options, you may head west and circle around the camp, or you may head with us and fight through,"

Should I;

But If Samantha is still at camp, I should;

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