Train Ride (A murder mystery)

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-Your name is Jack Dilligan

-You are an English businessman living in Egypt.

-The year is 1880.

You stand with your business partner at your shoulder and two mutual acquaintances of yours shuffling about. It is a rather dull day what with the cloudy weather. Ah! You hear the roar of the famous Suez Express, your ride, and a train running from Asyut to Cairo. The locomotive slows to a craw and then squeaks to a full halt. Steam fills the platform with a bellow and a hiss. "Goodness me!" you hear a boy say in passing. Suddenly the conductor cries out ushering you forward. You glance back at your colleagues as they wave and shout goodbye. A mob of people as formed in the mist on the platform and is dragging you, half against your will, onto the train. Dash it all! Your suitcase and hat! You've left them in the possession of your business partner! "Smith! Smith!" you shout at the top of your lungs. You fear the roiling hiss of the letting off of steam is drowning out your call! "Smith! Smith!" you shout again. "CATCH!" you hear just before your suitcase bursts through the steam obscuring your view down the platform. You are quick and catch it by the handle. Your hat spins through the cloud and you just as impressively leap up and ring it round one finger!

But now you are out of the line to get onto the Suez and a woman wearing a blue dress and red boa approaches you.

Do you:

Health 100 Equipment:

A suitcase. A Bowler hat. A gold pocket watch

MP 0
Level 1
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