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ASSassin's Creed

An eternal war between two orders, the Assassins and Templars, has existed throughout history, involving various historical figures and forces working behind the scenes to influence humanity. Throughout this war, both sides have sought to acquire 'pieces of Eden', ancient technology left behind by Those Who Came Before. In the Modern day, the Templar Order acts under the label of Abstergo Industries, along with Abstergo Entertainment, in order to find these artifacts and use them in order to bring about a new world. The assassins are hunted, forced underground by their enemies, yet still remain a constant threat. Both use the power of the Animus, a machine capable of unlocking the lives of your ancestors through DNA, in order to travel into the past to find hidden sources of power to tip the balance of their conflict.

In the Crusades, the memories of Desmond Miles are linked to that of Altair ibn-la'Ahad, an assassin from the holy lands tasked with retrieving an Apple of Eden from the Templars. Meanwhile, Desmond's ancestry is also found to encounter the pieces of Eden during the Renaissance, with the past displayed through the life of Florentine scion, Ezio Auditore da Firenze. During the time of Colonial America and the result of a European, Haytham Kenway and Native, Kaniehtí:io's relationship, Ratonhnhaké:ton, later known as Connor, would become a leading figure in the Assassin Order.

A Researcher at the Montreal branch of Abstergo Entertainment investigates the life of Pirate, Edward Kenway, during the Golden Age of Piracy. Another employee at Abstergo Entertainment, in its Helix division, is busy investigating another Colonial life, that of Shay Cormac, Assassin turned Templar. In Revolutionary France, Arni Dorian attempts to fulfill his destiny in the face of both Assassins and Templars, while twins Jacob and Evie Frye explore Victorian England.

Over a thousand years earlier, the Medjay of Siwa, Bayek, must navigate the ancient conflict in the time of Ptolemaic Egypt, just as the race for power spreads through Ancient Greece. Chronicles of the hidden war have spanned the world for millennia, from the Chinese warrior Shao Jun, the adventures of Arbaaz Mir in India and Russian Assassin Nikolai Orlov.

(NOTE: For the purposes of this story, choosing the opposite gendered character is planned to simply replace the original character's story, if you chose Claudia instead of Ezio for example, Claudia would be the one to follow Ezio's original story)

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