Sovereign Wind

From Create Your Own Story

You feel consciousness begin to creep back into you. You're in a small room with wooden walls, the only light source coming from a barred window in what appears to be a door, though it lacks a handle. You currently lie in a hammock styled bed which rocks ceaselessly to and fro, making you feel uneasy. From the constant motion and the strong scent of ocean, you gather that you're on a ship. Currently you are wearing some loose fitting grey shorts and shirt, and the room is uncomfortably cold.

As you struggle to recall what you are doing here and how long you've been asleep, the steady rocking of the hammock suddenly turns into one violent swing. Instinctively you shift your body to keep yourself balanced, but to no avail as your bed flips and throws you to the floor with a thud. The sound of many others groaning echos through your window.

"Battle stations!" you hear a booming voice shouting above you, followed by a stampede of footsteps in all directions.

I don't have a battle station do I? you wonder to yourself. You get up and try to push the door open, but it doesn't budge. Looking through the bars, you see a narrow corridor that continues as far as you can see to your left, and on your right is a set of steps leading up to a trapdoor.

Do you:
Put your hand through the bars and try to open the door from the outside.
Call for help.
Wait and see what happens.

Health 100% Equipment:

Tattered clothing.

Stamina 70%
Level 1
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