Demon Rune

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Long ago, a hidden war raged between men, angels, and demons. Man, seemingly outclassed by these supernatural entities besieging both them and each other, ultimately proved to be the victors, but not without great cost. All sides were bruised and beaten, and all realized to continue would be suicide. Each side sent two representatives to a final meeting, to discuss as peacefully as possible how to resolve this long and bloody conflict. It was decided that the only way to end the conflict and to ensure lasting peace was to use a mediator. Man's representative stepped forth - though dragged into this conflict against their will, it was they who stood victor, and so they who would bear the burden of taking this role. Three families were chosen - the Mildenhalls, the Seijimas, and the Arroyos. Each direct descendant of these families would, upon their twelfth birthday, be joined with one demon and one angel of their choosing, and be marked with what became somewhat inaccurately known as the "demon rune", a symbol that represents the peace between the three groups.

But there are two problems. Firstly, individual demons and angels exist who do not recognize the bond, and come to our Earth to wreak havoc. It is the duty of the families to hunt and kill these rogues who would threaten the peace and risk restarting a war that no side has ever truly recovered from. Using weapons formed of the energies of the angels and demons within them, they fight a clandestine battle to maintain the peace.

Secondly, there was an unforseen side effect of the bonding ritual. The existence of light and dark consciousnesses inside a vessel that is in essence chaotic causes imbalances, and only the release of "primal energy" can keep it in check; those bound to angels and demons cannot go for extended periods without sexual release. Masturbation is usually sufficient until the bonded human grows of age, and can slow the buildup of energy throughout their lives, but beyond the age of twenty-one, it becomes insufficient to solve the problem. Sex is an open subject, and little is taboo.

Our adventure is set in modern times. You will follow a member of one of the three families, or perhaps write your own. Which House would you like to know more about?

House Mildenhall

House Seijima

House Arroyo

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