The Tribes of Istaria

From Create Your Own Story

The continent of Istaria is a harsh place. Barbarians rule the vast lands, battling with elfs, drows, dwarfs and other humans. Used to roaming where ever they want, they pay no heed to others who try to stop them. Usually such encounters end in a battle, since the barbarians obey only one rule, the strong rule the weak.

Taking slaves and lives, they are now in amidst of a huge change. What is this change? Let's s find out.

You are a part of:

Barbarian tribe of the Bear

Barbarian tribe of the Elk

Barbarian tribe of the Wolf

The human city of Darrich

The elven settlement of Hae'Lyval

The dwarfs of Karaz 'A Karag

The drows of Underbarrow

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