Miami Nights

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(This is a story that is based on your decisions, do not expect sex to be as explicitly written as other stories, this is a story that requires your imagination for some scenarios, it contains BDSM elements, violence and gore.) This is still a Work in Progress, i ask you to wait and please do not edit.

Miami Nights

You wake up. You always have a daily routine that takes most of your time but today is your day off from work so you want to do something different, you are young and need more adrenaline in your life but circumstances do not allow you from moving on. Life has not been very good to you. You had to learn how to fight at an early age because of many abuses you suffered, you entered the army, you do not have an specific job because you do what people hire you to do. Beating the shit out of someone, being a getaway driver, being the bodyguard of a celebrity and so on. But you have one rule, no killing, you're not a murderer. You've been searching the opportunity to change your life but it hasn't been presented to you yet.

Since it's your day off you can do whatever you want, you can go to the movies or stay at home.


Chapter 0 Equipment:


Location Your apartment
Day 1
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