Decide you are going to the to the movies

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You decide to go watch a movie, not that there's anything interesting on the internet except for cat videos, right? Since you live close to the movie theater you decide to go walking, and you find a coupon which contains a code for a 50% discount in a store, which you dont know where it is located, but you take it anyway.

Then you see the movie Captain America Civil War premiered weeks ago, how you may have forgotten? Of course, because you have responsibilites to do. It was your most awaited movie for the past year so you enter the theater. While you are paying your ticket, a person who works in the theater comes by and offers you to do a survey so you won't have to pay anything to see the movie.

Of course you accept, because who would refuse free stuff, right?

You must fill out the questions, the first beign, what gender are you?

Chapter 0 Equipment:


Location Movie Theater
Day 1
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