The Twelfth Doctor

From Create Your Own Story

You're sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden you're jerked awake by a large jolt as you come through you start to see a figure of some one in front of you.

“Doctor, Wake Up”

“What, who is that”

“It's me Doctor, Amy”

That's right, you remember now, you were getting lonely, being the last of the Time Lords and all, so you had decided to swing by your favorite companions house and pick her up for one more trip through time and space on the TARDIS.

“Amy, what in the universe was that?”

"What? Daleks? But how'd they find us? I mean I've got the cloaking device on and everything.”

“I don't know Doctor, but they've found us.”

“Well then I guess we have a problem to solve”

Do you:

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