From Create Your Own Story

It started months back. It was just an average day until... Everyone disappeared. That's right everyone... All except the kids... There were infants, toddlers, and teens, but no one over fifteen. That means no parents, no teachers, no doctors, and no cops. Three days after it had happened, kids from Coates Academy took over. Leading them was your long-lost twin brother, Caine. You fought against Caine and retook control of the town. The kids elected you mayor. Unfortunately, Caine, and leadership are not your only problems...

Kids are developing powers, impossible powers. You, in fact have the power to shoot light out of your hands. Caine is telekinetic. Also, animals are turning into different creatures. Coyotes can talk, snakes can fly, and seagulls have talons. And...

Food has run out, kids are starving and looking to you for guidance.

Your friend, Edilio, has found a cabbage patch. You, him and another friend of yours, E.Z., are going to check it out. E.Z. goes out to pick a cabbage. Ahhhh.... You breathe in the air. Peace and quiet. That's really what you need. Lots of peace. Lots of quiet. But something's wrong... It's... too quiet.

You look out at the cabbage patch. Something's moving in the dirt... It's clear that cabbage patch is dangerous, but you really need food.

Do you...?

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