Theme Park

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You are Sid, a 17 year old guy who has just brought his first car after working many part time hours to save up for it. Excited by your new freedom the car brings you, you have decided to go on a trip to a theme park a couple of hours away. It is not all as easy as you thought it would be, you only have two tickets for entry so you can only bring one person with you.

You have been promising your girlfriend Sarah that you will take her on a trip when you get your car for a long time now and she would be disappointed if you took someone else. Besides who knows she might finally go further than just making out with you.

Your parents have been bugging you to take your younger sister Katie with you and you do owe them as they put forward the last bit of cash you were short to buy the car.

John your best friend wasn't too happy when you told him you were considering taking Sarah, telling you "Bro's before Ho's dude!". At least if you take John you know you will have someone to have a laugh with.

Then again, why should I take anyone? Finally I am free of this small town I could go alone...

Who do you take with you?

Do you:

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