Take your girlfriend Sarah

From Create Your Own Story

You decide its only fair to keep your promise to Sarah. You text her and tell her when you will pick her up.

You wait the few days until it is finally the day of the trip, you get in your car and drive over to your girlfriends house. You have both been excited about this trip for a long time. You pull up outside and give two quick beeps on the horn, she must have been waiting for you because the door opens almost instantly and out comes Sarah.

Sarah is the same age as you but quite a bit shorter, she has a good figure although you have only seen her fully clothed. She is wearing a low cut top which shows more cleavage off than you are used to from her, tight jeans which hug her great ass nicely and a pair of Converses. She is carrying with her a small rucksack and her handbag.

She hops in the passenger seat and greets you will a quick kiss before throwing her rucksack on the back seat "Lets get going!" she says excitedly. It is not long before you are out on the highway cruising along and you two have run out of small talk. You decide to do something to pass the time.

Do you:

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