Adventure RPG 2

From Create Your Own Story

Chapter Two

Sir Diridan is your name, you have been thrown out of the palace due to a dispute with the guards. You will have to go questing or your name will be tarnished. Off you go, sword in hand. Mythical beasts lurk within the forest and the item you seek, the Mc Guffin II, is rumoured to be impossible to find, you will have to bypass the gorgons, hellhounds, night wolves and even two Jabberdusas!

Quite unfortunately, you can't tell which will be hostile, and you could cause a monster tribe to attack the city if you attack wrong monsters, the outer quarter is still recovering from the Jroust Siege of 1110.

Set off, nothing for Sir Diridan here!

Read up on the beasts within the forest (Info from Jroust Siege)

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