Divas Choose Your Own Adventure: Intercontinental Coozing

From Create Your Own Story

It was a warm day when WWE Divas, Eve Torres, AJ Lee and Natalya Neidhart were a part of the Cooze Around The World. That's where they had to bang a guy in every corner of the globe.

"Sweet. We are going to get laid around the world" said AJ Lee lugging her bags by her tiny self.

"I'm happy that we got to partake in this challenge" said Eve to her friends.

The plane was about the head off with them on board when a bright red hair figure followed them on.

"The fuck is going on" said AJ about the stowaway

The red haired woman was breathing heavily and clutching what looked to be a wallet.

"You dropped this at the sandwich place" said the red haired woman.

"Oh, crap. It's Taeler Hendrix. She's got the hots for me" said Eve embarrassedly

"Folks, we are about to take off. Everyone buckle up" said the pilot

All four of them strap in to their seats.

Taeler is conflicted.

Does she

1.* Take the seat next to AJ Lee

2. * Take the seat next to Natalya

3. *Take the seat next to Eve

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