From Create Your Own Story

A long time ago, the Gods, or Old Ones, or Deities, or whatever created this world (no-one quite remembers, as religion has long since faded away here), gave the people who live here a message. They told us, that if we ever encountered a being from a world not of our own, we were to tell them this: "This world is kinda a mix between Fantasy, Science-Fiction, and Hentai. It's sorta hazy, but that's basically the gist of it". We didn't understand what they meant, but apparently it would help the visitors understand the way our world worked a little better, so we all committed it to our memory. In time, it became legend.

Many people never believed they would actually get a chance to use it. But you're here now, and now you've heard those words, so I hope that they've served their purpose. If the sound of this world interests you, then please step forward. I wish to show you one of the most interesting tales this world has to offer.

Would you like to witness it through the perspective of a:

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