An Adventurous and Magical Tale

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Background: You are the king's royal magician. While you're not evil, you have been spoiled for your services and are used to a lavish lifestyle. You can't live without your trusted wand. Your temper and excitability however leads you to fail miserably on spell-casting sometimes. Dexter is your oldest friend and the king's royal chef. The great wizard Vaughn from another kingdom is your nemesis. You haven't met in person and secretly fear the day you do. However, you are always up for trips to magical lands and fast-paced adventures! You're also allergic to mushrooms.

Mana Cost: Every spell costs 20-30 MP. You need to eat to gain them back. Certain quests and items will also provide you MP. Nutmeg Ale raises MP to 100.


Your friend Dexter wakes you. You're feeling very grumpy. You were dreaming of sweet chocolate pouring from a majestic waterfall while flowers made of pistachio nuts and marshmallows called out to be eaten.

You wake up in your grand room. As the great King Mackee's royal magician, you are provided with a luxurious life. However, today you aren't feeling too comfortable. Getting out of your silky giant bed with its thirty fluffy pillows is always hard. Today it is four times as difficult.

Dexter, the king's royal chef, knows you are not to be disturbed before lunch.

What are you waking me at this hour for?, you grumble at him.

Dexter laughs, You forgot? It's the day of the great feast! The king insists the whole kingdom should start preparing for tonight as soon as possible!

You have your magic wand in your hand. It's made of mermaid scales and cat hair.

Turn Dexter into a pony

Turn Dexter into a sumptuous breakfast

Roll out of bed

Health 100 Equipment:

Magic Wand

MP 50
Level 1
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