The North Kingdom

From Create Your Own Story

In the year 2028 a massive war left the world a miserable shell of its former self. Continents descended into chaos and entire countries fell apart. In the clutches of madness the United States turned on themselves and nature took its course. Besieged by roving gangs a few dozen brave men and women took up the mantle of Knights. Relying on the old ways they rallied survivors and fought back the bloodthirsty hordes that threatened their home. When the battle was over these men and women swore to protect their home. No matter who served as ruler or how grim the situation became these knights would do what was right for the realm. In the war ravaged land once called Ohio the knights fought with their lives to protect and grow their lands. The years have passed and from the shattered flames of 2028 a vibrant monarchy grew with hopes for the future. But in the ensuing years the knights have wavered slightly in their oaths. Few question the rule of the newly appointed king and many ignore the threat of a man they once counted a brother. From the lands to the south enemies plot to remove the corruption of the kingdom and to change it once more. Dark days are coming. Will you be ready to throw your sword and shield against those who threaten the realm from within and without.

Do you:

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