Eris of the Red Lions

From Create Your Own Story

It has been nearly two millenniums since the Great Exodus from the oppressive world of men. In those dark times when the ignorance and persecutions of the blind faith of men, following a vengeful New God, cast their dastardly gazes upon all they deemed pagan and evil. Taming the wilds with axes and fire, and damning the spirits and deities they had previously worshiped, they slowly and methodically gouged out wonder and mysticism from their clean new order. It was part desperation and part spite that drove the Goddesses then to bind their efforts to form a new freedom for those still clinging to the wild and wondrous ways. Thus the world of Atalanta was born. A world apart from the one men had destroyed, where the wilds would grow fierce, beasts and nymphs would flourish and the women would carve a brave new realm for themselves. Yes, only women were allowed passage to this new haven, as punishment for the men who drove their ways into seclusion. And among those chosen were the faithful to the wild ways. The Amazons were the fore runners of this exodus, faithful and ready to follow their goddesses into a new epic. And with them came the sorceresses, prophets, priestesses and monstrous females seeking new grounds. Of course they would need to be able to mate if they were to populate this new world, and thus the goddesses blessed them once more. Women were bestowed the reproductive organs of males, in addition to their glorious feminine bodies. And in further spite, and good humor, they were generally larger and thicker then the men of the old world could boast, and capable of enhanced sexual prowess and virility. So it is not hard to understand how the newly endowed and virile minority of human women managed to quickly populate the realm, forming tribes and queendoms and empires through out the land over the centuries.

Of course, interesting as the old tales are, it's not like you were thee for any of it, and you're not a historian. No, you walk a much more dangerous path. Having just entered your ninteenth year, you have finally crossed the threshold from squire to full mercenary status in the Red Lion Brigade! Renowned in your home Queendom of Nikephoros and beyond, the Red Lions are one of the strongest mercenary companies in the Southern Reaches, and you've been training under them for five years now. It has been barely a single moon phase since Commander Walifa initiated you and bestowed you with a company badge. In that short time you haven't had any big jobs yet. A little guard detail and some light hunting and foraging. But you know you've proven yourself ready for more. It's just a matter of getting the opportunity. Perhaps today is the day.... and perhaps you should be getting out of bed... if only so the sunlight from the slim part in the curtains will stop bothering your eyes.

You are Eris.... and it's about time you

Health: ?? Attack: ?? Defense: ?? Magic: ?? Cunning: ?? Charm: ??

Gold: 0 Gear: nothing

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