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You are Charlie Swan, a man of the law in Forks. You have recently discovered that you have the power to dominate anyone that you please, men or women

The waiting was the biggest pain, waiting for your daughter Bella. The last time you saw your daughter was a couple of years ago.

Finally you see her, the hot little teen that was your little girl who was not very little anymore. Her breasts had become more pronouched, her ass curved just like her mothers which brought back some good memories as you remembered the countless times you would fuck Renee up her tight puckered hole.

The sounds of slapping flesh and moans that would come from your favourite activity, your seed shooting into her rectum and knowing as she pulled up her panties that it would be leaking out of her all day.

Those were the days

You quickly pick up her bags and lead her to the car. As you slowly pull onto the motorway you strike up a conversation.

'How's Renee'

"She's fine"

"How was the flight"


As time goes by your mind begins to drift to other things, the small breaths. The sight of her wet, slick tongue as it ran over her puffy red lips, begging for a big juicy cock to be placed around them.

What do you do next?

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