Flame Fox

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There was once a legend of a being named the Flame Fox. It dates back to a dynasty not recorded in the sands of time...

Long ago...

Few beings roamed the lands. Mevolisks, the deadly fanged creatures of ancient times roamed the lands. Mevolisks were fierce and aggressive. They were carnivores, and their favorite food was a fresh child fox. On a bright, blazing day, a Mevolisk arrived from the deep, thick woods of the 'first continent'. It had an eye on a child fox playing with its father. The Mevolisk charged out and roared angrily, leaving the child wimpering and fleeing from the field. Frightened but angrily did the father hiss at the Mevolisk. The Mevolisk resembled a wide snake with a tail that it used to slither about. The Mevolisk sunk its fangs into the fox's back. The Fox had its very own life flash before his very eyes. Suddenly, exploding with anger did the said Fox burst into flames. The Mevolisk shrieked. The Fox wasn't a fox anymore, it was a flame in disguise of a fox.

Here will you tell the story of the battle between the Flame Fox and the Mevolisk.

The Fox bit the Mevolisk.

The Fox exchanged glances with the Mevolisk.

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