Naruto Love

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You are a shinobi (ninja) of the hidden leaf village. The tailed beasts are beasts made of chakra. The hidden shinobi villages fight for these tailed beasts for military power and seal them into people to be controlled. These people are known as jinchuriki. They are hated in the villages because of the tailed beast within them. The hidden leaf managed to seal the most powerful tailed beast, (the nine tailed fox), into a boy named Naruto. The akatsuki hunt these jinchuriki. Your history lesson is done. Which shinobi are you?

Kunoichi (female shinobi):

Tsunade (Hokage of the hidden leaf village, gigantic boobs, blond hair, sexy)

Sakura (pink hair, b cup breasts, disciple of tsunade)

Hinata (blue hair, c cup breasts,)

Ino (long blond hair, b cup breasts, disciple of tsunade)


Naruto (main character, yellow hair)

Sasuke (black hair, exiled shinobi, girls his age lust over him)

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