Life and Times of a Button Man

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It is 10 in the morning and there's a man sitting on a park bench. You have to kill him by the end of the day. The Mob you're currently working for wants him dead. You don't ask questions, all you're interested in is the Prize Money offered. You are armed with a Beretta Pistol loaded with 6 Bullets. You also carry a Stiletto (Knife with a very long and slender blade with a very sharp point, perfect for stabbing) and a piece of rope (for choking?), both items concealed in the jacket you wear. You are currently sitting on another park bench a horizontal distance of 3 meters away from the target, who is dressed in jeans, a white colored shirt and a black colored trench coat.

You Decide to:

Hitman For The Mob Status
Health: 100
Weapons: Beretta Pistol, Rope, Stiletto Knife
Murders: None...yet
Money: 150

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