Tiragarde Keep: A World of Warcraft Adventure

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Greetings, and welcome to Tiragarde Keep, my attempt at combining my love of writing, love of Warcraft lore, and love of Choose your own Adventure stories. Though I hope any fan of fantasy novels will find the story enjoyable, those who have knowledge of the Warcraft setting will be better off; I explain many of the references through the text, but this is a story, not a guide. If you're confused about lore, I recommend that you check WoWWiki, which is an excellent source of information about the setting. Just do a search for whatever you're confused about; there's an article for pretty much everything.

The story revolves around a minor plotline in the Orc and Troll starting zone in World of Warcraft, Durotar. You take the role of a Human marine sent by the seafaring kingdom of Kul Tiras to retake the ruined stronghold of Tiragarde Keep and hold it against the Horde, which controls the region. Your choices will determine whether the keep and its defenders survive and drive back their enemies or are utterly crushed, and indeed whether or not you yourself survive in the harsh new land to which you have been sent.

I should say that this story is much more text-heavy than most of the ones on this site; I personally like it that way, as it helps me feel more immersed, but I can tell that many people don't. If you're one of those people, there are plenty of other stories on this site that provide more instant gratification. I also give the following warning: this story will, at times, deal with mature themes. There will be no explicit sexual content, but it is possible to achieve a "fade to black" moment in several places in the story. There will also be a good deal of violence and some blood and gore.

Finally, there will be RPG elements in the form of "code words". "Code words" provide a reward for readers who make choices that improve their character or establish meaningful relationships within the story; it's possible to go all the way through without using them, but events unfold better if you find and take advantage of them. On certain pages, you will be told that a "code word" can be used, in which case you can type it into the URL to get to an otherwise inaccessible story page that reflects earlier choices you made. Please keep track of any "code words" you discover, and remember that the type of character you choose determines which code words you can get.

Without further ado, enjoy the story!

Tiragarde Keep: Introduction

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