Dreams of Desire

From Create Your Own Story

Like a personal butler, the dream world arrives when you most want it. When your desire is at its highest peak, it comes. But leaves when you no longer need it. It feeds your temptation and leaves you wanting more… Welcome to the Dream World, my friend! Will you give into the temptation?

Chirp, Chirp, Chirpppp!

The birds’ sweet melody awakes you from your slumber and your eyes slowly adjust to your new surroundings. Written across the wall are the words, Welcome to the Dream World in bright red that seemly glow. You notice you’re lying in a bed with an canopy hanging overhead, with only your small pink underwear on with the words “DREAM” etched at the bottom of the underwear. Apart from the giant bed, only a small window appears to be in the room.


The noise makes you jump. “Come in?” you say. The door opens to a half-naked young man with vibrant messy pink hair. He has a set of abs and a tattoo of pink lips around his nipples. His belt was unbuckled, slightly revealing his underwear underneath.

“Good morning, sexy. Welcome to the Dream World! Will you give into the temptation? I’m Zach, your butler and personal guide throughout the dream world. The Dream World is a place that only exists in your dreams and is fuelled by your imagination and the imagination of millions of others in many planets. Here your fantasies come alive, whatever you want comes true here. Sex is a part of everyday life in our world and it is your world only at night. Thank you for staying here. Now firstly, I need to collect, some info. Are you male or female?"

Gender Unknown
Species Human
Time Left 9 Hours
Location Apartment #69, Earth Hotel
Tempts 0
Inventory Nothing
Storyline? None
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