A Story of Corruption

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WIP NOTE: ( Please do not edit, unless the change is a spelling or grammar correction. If you have an idea or want to add to the story, please email me first and we can talk about how best to include your addition. The reason for this is that I would like to mostly keep this adventure to one author is to avoid the story from feeling disjointed or to have too many different writing styles.)

This is a story about a young innocent girl who is prey upon by all sorts of men and creatures who have very impure intentions for her. This story can be played different ways, depending on how you want to go about it.

The first way you could approach this adventure is to try and avoid being preyed upon by the men who will try to take advantage of a young, innocent and inexperienced girl. You can try to avoid being molested, if that fails try to avoid being fucked, if that fails try to avoid being impregnated or totally taken and corrupted by the perverted, creepy and incorrigible men who are around you. This might be a bit of a challenge to see how far you can make it in avoiding their attempts.

The second way is to be a bit more adventurous and see what kind of fun or trouble you can get into or cause as the young girl. The men around you still want to corrupt and debase you, but perhaps you have a hidden and secret desire for that to happen to you? Perhaps you have a dark wish and curiosity in what it would be like?

The story takes place in a fantasy world, full of creatures, different races and monsters.

This story will contain sexual themes, some of which are very intense and taboo. You have been warned!

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