You Monster

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is ██████ █████, but as of yesterday, you're known as Grim Raper, mostly as a joke. Recently, you were just a regular 25 year old guy who works in a fast food joint. However, everything has changed for you. Long story short, some Elder Gods or something have come down, and given you the most noble task you can think of: Defiling as many women as possible, so that they may gain enough power to penetrate our universe. To complete this task, they given you some pretty sick powers; immortality, infinite stamina, super strength, cum that's instantly addictive, some psychic bullshit, etc. It's a sweet gig, all things considered. You get to rape some bitches, and you get fucking superpowers out of the deal to, along with a promised spot in the new world order once your bosses take over.

So, today's the first day of your new life. It's 10 AM. How do you start?

Go to the park and get some ass.

Knock on your neighbor's door and get some ass.

Go to the strip mall and get some ass.

Go to the local highschool... and get some ass.

Call up some ass.

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