Areas 45-51

From Create Your Own Story

You are a conspiracy theorist in a form. Your lot are ridiculed, but today, you are going to prove something. You will break into Goverment Property.

WARNING: These may offend some, especially Area 50. These may be taken seriously and is merely what would be in these places if the conspiracies were true.

Your Theories were on:

The New World Order (Area 45)

The Secret Mind Control Projects: Chatter, Bluebird and the three MKS, MK-ULTRA,BETA,ALPHA (Area 46)

False Flag Operations (Area 47)

Assasination attempts (Area 48)

Media (Broadcasting Studios: Area 49)

Bible Conspiracy (Vatican Owned-Property: Area 50)

Mythical, Terrestial and Extraterrestial Live Beings (Area 51)

ALL OF THEM (Goverment Headquarters II: Below Areas 45-51)

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