Upwood High: First Day Fantasy

From Create Your Own Story

Your hand comes crashing down on your little black alarm clock after its very first screech. "God, I hate the sound of that thing" you think to yourself. As you rub the sleep from your eyes, you can see that it reads 6:30 a.m. One hour until your first day begins.

You have traveled all across The States since you were born. Your family moved often to support your dad's job. Your dad seems so absorbed in his work that you feel as if he doesn't pay enough attention to you as a son. Your mother stays at home, worrying about that brat of a baby brother you have. You feel sort of left out, but it has its advantages. The reduced attention from your parents gives you lots of freedom, more than all the other boys your age. You can hang out with mostly anyone as long as you are home by your 10 o' clock curfew every night. However, your parents do not approve of alcohol or drugs, so you have to hide those and limit your usage.

Even though you have this freedom, you've never really been able to use it. Because of how often you've changed elementary and middle schools, you've never really had the chance to make good friends or hang out a lot with anyone. You've never had a girlfriend or even fooled around with a girl, but you're going to change that VERY soon.

Your dad has finally stopped moving for work. Your family has settled down in a nice house and you've been enrolled in a large private school. Today, as you walk out of your house for your first day of your freshman year in high school, you don't know what to expect. What you DO know is that this is the year your life changes. You can be a part of this new school and its opportunities, make new friends, and most of all, discover the amazing pleasure hidden behind the mystery we call girls.

Now that we have covered the backstory, let's go over the more sexual tones of this adventure.

It all starts in elementary school, where little boys and girls would pretend to be married and the older ones would "date" (or hold hands at recess). In middle school, it changes a bit. Word spreads around from the internet, from high schoolers, and from your bros, and you discover how to masturbate. Your body starts to hit puberty, speeding up those hormones that made you one horny little boy. Since then, you've jacked off just about every night. In 7th grade, you had your first kiss to your beautiful blonde girlfriend, Savannah. It was a peck during your friend's little bonfire birthday party. After night fell, you and Savannah quickly retreated to the woods to have some more, except this time it was some pretty heavy making out. You two became addicted to each other, sneaking off to make out every chance you got. Your second girlfriend, Blaire, was a bombshell. You met her the summer between 7th and 8th grade at your local country club's pool. You two started to come back to the pool all summer just to see each other. She taught you how to grind with a girl, and the feeling of her tight but soft ass rubbing against your dick was enough to send you over the edge. With her, you made out countless times, but also began moving to second base (but never quite there).

So in conclusion, all you've ever done with girls is make out. You lust for girls and jack off so much, but can't wait for the day you get your first handjob and beyond.

You intend today to be that day.

You hop on the bus to school and find it packed. There are two seats left. You sit next to:

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