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  • Loose, leisurely, social RP.
  • Always open for new players.
  • All non-violent characters welcome.
  • Character level power cap is set below demi-deity.

Backstory (Construction well under way!)

Town Locations

The Setting

This universe is one of the many in the scape of the war thread, save one difference.

In this universe, the war between Svensylsquatostan and Gal-Zabor was nothing more than a verbal dispute that was resolved within hours.

Mr.Big never appeared. The Cat-Kin never massed.

On good terms with Svensylsquatostan, Gal-Zabor began exploring the terrain on the opposite side that bordered their land; the wastes of the Great Fall. They explored the nooks and crannies diligently, finding buried treasures, mutants, and magical beings formed from the unstable magic, although nothing to Kraggi's interest, until they stumbled into a small area of land near what were once the Rocky Mountains. Under the protection of one of the last remaining mountains, a small patch of land remained unblemished by the Great Fall's corrupting touch. A large prairie, along with a small lake and forest, remained vibrant and healthy.

A speck of nature in an otherwise unnatural desert, Kraggi deemed the land be named 'the speck of mold on the potato', to which Ann promptly changed the name to 'Mossy Knoll', based off the initials of a figure she knew from a series of pleasant dreams. Kraggi immediately lost interest in it, while Ann saw it as the perfect isolated vacation spot.

The small location was quickly leaked to the public, and soon people sharing Ann's vision started asking to be brought there. Ann quickly had a large group of zombies to construct a town center in the grassy plain so that a small village could be maintained there, and thus, Mossy Knoll was born.


The Current Cast

Public Use NPCs

Private Use NPCs

Old Cast

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