Dr James Barry (MKRP NPC)

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The idea of Dr James Barry is that he is a doctor who has moved to the town, and can be a character that people can use as they please in much the same way that people play around with the characters of The Rex [only per an agreement with AP, any backstory is something I have worked out ;) ].

As to some character details...

Name: Dr James Barry
Age: around the 30's mark. (But looks boyish)
Height: About 5'5" [or there abouts]
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Anything else: Has an accent that you might hear in the Southern states of America, though a soft spoken one at that.


Was caught up in a strange temporal anomaly along with John-Luke and Squato, but recently returned. Also, for some reason, John-Luke calls him his Sidekick.

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