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This here be the Mayhem Wiki. Fer The Mayhem Formerly Known As EGS. Kudos to Piebunny fer the idea. And find out how you can help build this and make it better.


Today's Thing o' the Day:

The Thing o' The Day is decided by pressing the "Random Page" button on the sidebar roughly once a day. If it lands on a page that seems sparse, consider this an encouragement to kick it up a notch with a blast from your spiceweasel. Bam!

Anne Walpole

Project Backstory

Need a refresher on your RP history? Looking for a way to keep track of what's going on and when in the RP-verse? Want to put your writing skills to use helping players out? Project Backstory is for you!

Project Backstory

Places to Go, Things to Play With

I just put stuff I could remember off the top o' me head and stuff I noticed on the First Page. Fill in the blanks, lest ye be V5'ed, shrunken, and given the Lommy Treatment 'till you die of heart failure!

Active RPs

Put a link to your RP here if we don't have it yet. ((Also now in alphabetical order. Please keep it that way, if possible. --cat))

Dead RP's

As the label says, these have either died, or gone on permanent hiatus.

Proposed Future RP's

A slot for shamelessly advertising RP's that might otherwise get buried before anyone can read about them, much less sign up for them.

Active Games

Got a game? Is it not here? Make a page on it and linky linky!

910 CMX Stuff

Oh, hey, stuff from the other forum.

Dead Games

Games that have either died or went on a lasting hiatus

Active Thingies That Might Be Games and Might Be RPs, But We Don't Know Which

Yeah. Pretty self explanatory.

The "Say Something About" Threads

These are threads where the goal is to say something about other posters. A couple even want you to try to predict the future.

Rate Your Fellow Bunnies Topics

Topics that evaluate your self worth. Are you brave enough to enter?

Bunny Database

Put your Mayhem username here, and you can make an article on yourself, your avvie, and (please?) a comprehensive list of your characters. Now in convenient alphabetical order!

Bunny Artists

Do you want others to see your artwork? Do you need a project, and wouldn't mind if someone gave you one? No? POST YOUR NAME ANYWAYS. This is the Bunny Artists list.

  • Currently Empty

Mayhem History

And lo! Darkshive made a post of the rules, largely copied from those of the EGS Forum! And Mayhem was born, and we saw that it was good. Now fill in the rest, please.


A tasty breakfast food, though inferior to lesbians.


Important things that don't fit elsewhere

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