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General Information

MDM is a easy-going, fun-loving person who joined Mayhem in September '08. He answers to MDM, Sarge, Guy in the Big Shiny Armor, Troy's Fanboy Numero Uno, Max, Guy with the Evil Closet, and Giver of the Clone Baby Aliens. Theopenandclosedbook refers to him as Meme Defense Marine for some strange reason (but no longer). He has referred to The Colors as 'the voices in my head who tell me to do things; one voice is telling me to kill the aliens, one voice is telling me to kill everyone; one voice is telling me to eat kittens, one voice is telling me to kill the meatbags; one voice, well, we don't know what he's doing, other than being Captain Obvious; and the last voice, which is normal me, is telling everyone else to SHUT THE **** UP AND LET ME PLAY DAWN OF WAR II IN PEACE!

Really hates it when people infect, mutate, or generally do any other form of attack that bypasses his armor. Seriously, people, don't you realize it's there?

MDM gives out TF gun mod kits for shooting tractor beams and jars of Atomic Fireballs.

He inadvertently released the terror known as Mayhem Needs a Moderator upon the bunnies of Mayhem. It was originally intended to be a poll that quickly ballooned out of proportions. After several attempts to restore order (ultimately failing), MDM withdrew from the thread.

Inventor of the Super Headwall, Mega-Headwall, the Giga-Headwall, and the supremely dangerous Breaching Whale Attack which he uses on extremely rare occasions, or when someone is extremely stupid and decides to throw him in the ocean. This happened to Youwillneverknow once, but Nathan blocked it.

Has a closet that has only been mentioned once; reputed to contain horrible things. Also contains a book on how to reverse brainwashing.

Inventory: TF Rifle with portal, tractor beam, and fireworks mods, cookie, squirrel teddy, dead fish, waffle, dungeon map, hand-forged pocketknife, Kevlar rope, dungeon master's hat, My Rock plushie, everlasting sketch book, catnip mouse, ball of yarn, genuine mood ring, dewrag, jar of Atomic Fireballs, infinite bag of dice, X-42 Variant-Alpha Powered Assault System X-001, GRC-55 heavy blaster rifle, GR-9 heavy blaster pistol, Ice plushie, Type-1 Energy Weapon.

In Carrot?..., set in motion a chain of events that resulted in the bunny Mandros gaining ownership of two dozen clone baby aliens.

Is in the process of writing MDM's Mayhem FanFic, which will feature all the well-known active and semi-active bunnies.

Purposely caused Eve to eat an evil cookie, subsequently unleashing a new horror.

His character Albert Redstone is the current Grand Duke of Moritania.

Commands an army made up of Platypus-Narwhal Hybrids. Beware.

Has a rather high tolerance level.

Creator of MDM's Spaceship Battle Thread.

Possessor and creator of the rare Gold Platanisten.

Is royally baffled by the storm of randomosity that is Kraggi. Also, recently discovered that he joined the forum 3 years to the day after His Kragginess did. This is surely an omen.

Views Mayhem as one ginormous pillow fight, with the posts as pillows and the posters as the participants. The reason for this view is currently unknown.

Sorely regrets not being around for the Crossover Wars, as his combat skills would have been a major asset.

On the forums, wears a gold and blue MK VI MJOLNIR-like exoskeleton with a built-in jetpack, a taser-like device in the left forearm, a TF Gun holster, and a Mandalorian stalk scanner. Its built-in energy shield can repel TF beams and bullets, but can be knocked out by plasma-based weaponry. See X-42 Variant-Alpha Powered Assault System. Armed with a GRC-55 heavy blaster rifle, a TF rifle, a TF gun, and a GR-9 blaster pistol, MDM is one of the more heavily armed bunnies, comparable to the EGSDF Force Recon. He hopes to work alongside them.

Is a member of the EGS Defence Force. Currently a Lieutenant of the EGSDF Marines.

Inventor of the Anti-Huggle Beam, which is only effective on Nathan, Natalie, and catgirls.

It is not known if MDM is linked to the Vigilante Grammar Ninja.

Inadvertantly caused the creation of Eve, Evan's DWD'd twin, at Pixelhead777's ascension party.

Has been known to occasionally utter the phrase Boogity Niggle Pleck Spangle Furf. This phrase was not invented by MDM, but by one of his non-Mayhemite friends. It is meaningless if you don't know the backstory.

Most bunnies refer to him as MDM or his LPW persona, but HammerQueen calls him M for some strange reason. This is greatly appreciated.

Member of the Order of the Bunny, currently Sir MDM the Persistent, a subordinate of Anti-Paragon.

May or may not be a Paladin in disguise.

Is obsessed with the number 42. But then, who isn't?

Now that Anti-Paragon is a moderator and 'Captain of the Bunny Knights' according to Malachy, is going to petition to be dubbed Sergeant-at-Arms of Mayhem. Basically helping enforce the will of the moderators where necessary.

Established an account at the 910CMX boards and quickly found his way to the New Forum Food Fight, subsequently hijacked the thread and set in motion a chain of events that led to the onset of the Nekomimi/GU-Chocotopian War.

Kudos to PixelHead777 for allowing me to expand on the various Headwalls and giving me the inspiration for the Breaching Whale Attack.

The Origins of MDM, as revealed in carrot..?, including the accompanying comments from MDM and his muses!

The Story of MDM:

Once upon a time, there was a happy little super-soldier named MDM. Well, he wasn't that little, we're just using that figuratively. There was an enormous battle, and MDM got hit in the head by an industrial-size golf ball.

Now it so happened that as a result of this, separate aspects of MDM's personality gained physical forms. Well, all but one, of course, but we'll get to that later.

First came Hail.

Hi. I'm Hail, and you're all dupes for reading this.

Hail was the neutral aspect. He's a shapeshifter and specializes in healing magic.

Then came Octavian.

You insolent meatbag, how dare you make me appear here!

Octavian was the lawful and orderly aspect. He's kinda harsh. He's also an Artificial Intelligence, which cheesed him off even more.

Finally, there was Eve.

You want cookies?

Eve was the chaotic and evil aspect. She likes stealing people's cookies, challenging people to rapier duels, and being a general hothead. Oh, and she can use fire magic too.

Now, MDM and his three muses, as they shall now be known, banded together to track down and exterminate the foul creature who threw the industrial-sized golf ball.

After a long and arduous journey, along which MDM discovered he had a Giant Closet filled with evil animated sentient torture devices as well as a horde of other inventions, they reached their destination: the breeding grounds of the fearsome, ferociously terrifying PLATYPUS-NARWHAL HYBRIDS!

The battle was joined, and in the end, MDM and his muses came out on top. The Platypus-Narwhal Hybrid chieftain pledged his race to the service of the victorious super-soldier, and they have served as his private army ever since.

The End.

You forgot about the invention of the Anti-Huggle Beam and what you did to that tribe of catgirls.

That never happened!

Yeah, sure, and I'm Julius Caesar.

Ooh, ooh! Remember what I did to those giant fleas that attacked us? Remember?

  • Facepalm* Why did you have to bring that up?

Because he wanted to humiliate you further.


MDM has three muses, all of whom popped into existence spontaneously (with the exception of Eve, who already existed as a character and was upgraded to muse status after eating the evil cookie). They are:

OOctavian the OOC AI
The Sentient Hailstorm

RP Characters

Himself: Fort Mayhem

Michael Anderson: Galactic Union RP

Evan: LPW

  • A middle-ranking user of fire magic, Evan is the owner of Azure Fang, a self-made sword that was blessed by a powerful being.


  • Evan's DWD'd duplicate, Eve came into being at PixelHead777's Ascension Party.

Gaius Marcellus: Steel Spork Inn

  • An elf who specializes in water magic and alchemy, Gaius deviates from most elves in that he transformed his ears to those of a human. Recently changed them back at Jodi's behest.

Major Alexander Octavian Buchanan: Warsaw the 42nd RP

  • Commanding officer of the US 45th Infantry Regiment, he is stationed in Grosse Pointe, Detroit, Michigan.

Captain Sheila Justine Erikson: Warsaw the 42nd

  • Executive officer of the 45th Infantry.

Captain Marcus Johnson: Fort Mayhem

  • Commanding officer of the MSC Amphion, a missile frigate.


  • All of MDM's characters, with the exception of Admiral Anderson, attended PixelHead777's Ascension Party.
  • Once engaged in a deathmatch with Cheez in Carrot: the fight ended in a stalemate because Lomgren and PixelHead started whining about it.
  • Brylian Troy's first fan-boy. Now he just has to watch out for assassination attempts.
  • He was running a subplot of Fort Mayhem in which an alien plague that mutated citizens of Mayhem into extraterrestrial zombie eating machine thingies called Phages have been unleashed. They have a predilection for Canis familiaris.
  • Somehow managed to influence Atashi-Cloud to change avatars on the forum. Creepy.
  • Almost blew Anti-Paragon's mind once.
  • Purposely V5'ed Squato; subsequently lost his taser.
  • Is mortally afraid of Sword Chucks. Especially when someone who knows how to use them has a set.
  • Is a Sys Op on the Wiki. Will use this power for only good.
  • Is immune to the HypnoToad, due to his strabismus and lack of long-term attention span.
  • Antimatter is his answer to everything.
  • Is inadvertantly responsible for the possible death of Ann Pertchin in MKRP. Feels extremely horrible about this turn of events. (She got better, though.)


I praised the art too much, it seems, and this is what happened:

XD. Oh gods! I think you're my first fanboy! XD

In response to some people who shall remain nameless:

Grrh. No androids for you.

Something I heard somewhere:


Cheez after I said something about a drunken post

Um, lwet me see. I had a coulpla opibta at th pub because the pirate chivcjo kit me in the head a few times then I got rained in and it was so heavyt and cold that I got ahreadache then |i had a few pints to warm up then I mety jy flat,mates ans I had a b ottle of mread,

that's why.

When I almost blew Anti-Paragon's mind:

I hope not, or I'm lacking so much life I'm negative. Oh, wait. I don't use AIM. Okay, whew. Yes, it is.

When I V5'ed Squato:

Darn it Squata! You knocked off my taser!

  • keeps running

If this keeps up I'm gonna have to break out the jetpack!

PixelHead777 after I said I hated fruitcake:

Fruitcake reminds me of homosexual pastries.

Something else I heard somewhere:


According to Loztein, this is the most awesome post ever:

You're all doomed!

  • Waves shotgun around then flees*


  • Runs off*

She's everywhere. My god, it's annoying. Somehow she managed to get over to the 910 boards.

You really don't want to know what was going on here:

HomerNet: BunnySuite Alpha...the mystical site where it is rumored, but not confirmed, that the Great Bunnies gather to peform complex and esoteric mating ritu...wait, no wrong thing. :p

Me: *Facepalm* >.<

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