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The sexiest Neil Young wannabee ever.

Post Homework Sexings

Kraggi, like many other Mayhem-goers, had begun to notice two major problems in many adolescent's lives. As the sexiest Neil Young wannabe ever, he wasn't going to take this. This, my friends, is Kraggi's speech for his plans for the future:

"Due to the fact that I am being faced with a lack of motivation for homework, I have decided that I need to put in place a new system for motivation. First, I need to find a chickie. Then, I need to intitiate the practice of "Post Homework Sexings". The problem of lack of motivation would be solved; and it would also solve the problem of not getting any. Of course, there are potential stumbling blocks, such as the lack of chickies. But for science, I believe it should be tried. I would patent this idea and make millions, therefore defeating the purpose of schooling and homework."

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