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Grim Atescu is a bunny and formerly Sanchay's Wonderboy.



Grim is the GM of Dupes. He also plays in several RPs. Romance is a continuing theme for his characters. Also, he writes. A lot. He just doesn't put it up on Mayhem.

Instead, he puts it up on his DA account:

As well as several other places. He is a man of the curiosity.

He writes fiction, and is very good at it. Or so says Sanchay.

He frequently has IM conversations with Squato which invariably lead to Squato calling him a Pom and Grim in turn calling Squato a Con. Or so I've heard. In that case, you've heard wrong. Yeah, probably.

He has his own RP site, Can't Stop RP.

Random Lyric

"Baby can you hear me/Can you hear me calling/Baby can you hear my/Message of love" -Message of Love, Journey


Heroes of Mayhem

Grim appears in Heroes of Mayhem as the Sith Klingon, Darth Atescu.

Ed Bunny, PI

Grim appears in Ed Bunny, PI as a firefighter for the Mayhem Fire Department.

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