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AlmostReadytoFly is a rather boring bunny also known as ARF, and sometimes erroneously as ARTF. He mostly plays games in Mayhem, and joined the first Discworld RP, but didn't post much before it died.



ARF joined EGS Mayhem in October 2005, but lurked for a while before and after this. For many months he had a female avatar (Gilly from Dork Tower), then later a pink bunny avatar, leading some to think he was a girl.

Name Origin

The alias 'AlmostReadytoFly' was created when its owner's initials (ARF) were put into the search engine. It is for this reason that ARTF is incorrect.


AlmostReadytoFly has now completed the first phase of his Bunny Art plan. In its entirety, the plan is as follows:

  • Get a DeviantArt account
  • Learn to draw
  • Get access to a scanner


-A small, blue, big red button. A magical cookie from Peragrin, a kitten-proof puppy from Alavaria, TF Gun (shrinkray and copy/paste enabled), Some cookie crumbs wrapped in shiny plastic, A squirrel teddy, 10 copy/pasted sixpacks of unlabelled soda, minus one can, A dead trout, An emu (just add water!), 20 pineapple cheesecakes, a remote control with a big red button, 253 wiki experience points, the symbol for mercury: , and an invitation to play wikichess

RP Character(s)


  • ARF has purple hair again. It's not so much fluffy as flyaway. The irony of that has just struck.
  • ARF doesn't like it if you won't make some sort of effort to spell your posts correctly, and may dismiss your posts as not worth the bother of reading.
  • ARF has a blog where he posts almost entirely in limericks. He doesn't plan on telling you where it is.
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