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Drow Bunny is a bunny who joined the Keenspot forums in April 2006, in response to the song-fu EGS comic. Initially he stayed in the main EGS forum, with only a limited foray into Mayhem on the recommendation of the bunny who glomped him. However, after several months, he stumbled into Let's Count to a Million!!! and took off from there.



Drow Bunny's had a lot of avatars. This is perhaps due to a habit picked up from IM conversations of changing his userimage from time to time based on his mood swings, though his forum changes tend to be somewhat farther spaced. Most of his avatars have involved either A)drow, or B)mSusan. Exceptions do exist, though.

Drow Bunny (RL)

The real life Drow Bunny is rather paranoid, and usually makes a habit of not revealing information about himself. However, after almost a year in Mayhem, he's gradually started to open up. In fact, he's almost gotten used to the fact that his picture is on the main page for the Order of the Bunny.

He has explained his name once.

Drow Bunny (forums)

Drow Bunny' forum persona (shown below) is rarely referenced, and he has gradually lost interest in it, keeping it only for nostalgic value.

Drow Bunny is the alias of a young man who foolishly combined a fascination with elves and the TF technology granted in his newbie pack. After entering everything he knew about Drow (dark elves) into the gun, he decided to test his creation on a human subject: himself. What happened was something he never would have expected. Basing his hypothesis on current TF theory, the young man expected to gain drow-like characteristics while remaining essentially human; what actually happened was an actual interspecies conversion, turning him from a human into a dark elf.

Physically, Drow Bunny differs from her real life counterpart in significant ways. For one thing, she is female, and Drow. She possesses all of the abilities commonly associated with Dark Elves, including Darkvision (extremely acute infravision), the ability to create darkness, faerie fire, and motes of light, and has potent resistance to magic. This resistance also apparently applies to TF technology (though not other scientific procedures), essentially trapping her in female drow form.

Psychologically, there is little difference between the RL and forum persona. Drow Bunny has a tendency to be extremely polite and modest, usually goes out of his/her way to avoid confrontation, and worries constantly about offending people. He possesses a vast knowledge of random things, and will often go out of his way to learn more. He tends to be sentimental, a trait which is greatly amplified at night. The only real difference between the two aspects of Drow Bunny is that his forum persona is rather social, where the RL one is far more reticent and shy.

Drow Bunny describes his Dungeons & Dragons alignment to be Neutral Good, but he is likely far closer to being Lawful than he'll admit.

Due to a combination of storyline circumstances in Keenfans, Drow Bunny is once again human and male, and shows no indication of changing.


Drow Bunny isn't in any RPs currently, but used to participate in the Keenfans 2.01 and Fae RPs.


Due to a combination of social insecurity and general RP uncertainty, Drow Bunny participates in few RPs, but contributes to several games. He also gives out hugs freely in The Hug Hospital.


  • Drow Bunny's love of obscure references tends to be awkward. As far as he knows, very few people on the forums know what Melty Blood is, recognize any game from the old World of Darkness (besides maybe Vampire: The Masquerade), play Gitaroo Man, etc.
  • Eddie first appeared in Drow Bunny's posts in the City of Heroes forums, as Umbramancer's sentient, but rebellious, Dark Servant.
  • Drow Bunny is rather apt to be verbose, but hates excessive repetition. Hence, writing his name so many times in this page has been near-unbearable.
  • He almost became the moderator for the Mayhem Wiki, but was beaten by about three minutes and twelve shades of self-confidence by VOR.
  • Drow Bunny also has a Livejournal account, which he updates rarely. However, it is home to what he considers some of his best writing (in the form of a travelogue to Japan).
  • Sir Drow Bunny is a knight in the Order of the Bunny.


  • Drow Bunny is also the Shadow Lord Halizard.
  • Eddie is a sentient shadow beast that tends to follow Drow Bunny around as a muse, servant, foil , and anti-conscience. He is named for the Guilty Gear character of the same name, and speaks using green text.

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